My father George John joined Merchant Navy at a very young age. He is the eldest son of Mrs. Chinnamma John & Eappan John. The sea & its mysteries always fascinated his brilliant mind. This ultimately led him to choose Marine Engineering as his career. He had the willpower to turn his desire into reality with cool, careful & fixed intent. He served Indian Merchant Navy for more than 30 years.

As children, myself & my elder sister got very little time to be with him. He will be on leave for 4 or 5 months-maybe after 2 years work on a particular ship. Even though he spent little time at home he exercised calm reserve & control there. His reactions were always kept at a bare minimum. He won't stand for any nonsense. In other words, i can definitely categorize him as a stern father.

During our childhood days, we sometimes resented his unbending autocratic manners, the high-handed authority & tight discipline he imposed upon us. But now both of us realize how lucky we were to have his firm guidance. It may take a while to adjust to his personality, but it will eventually toughen you up.

We have wondered whether he had gone seasick & homesick during the long months & years he spend at sea. But the fact that he was always at his forceful courageous best can be clearly understood from his calm & steady expression.

In a word this man is invincible. None of his important decisions were hampered by the opinion of others. He is really a mighty attractive free spirit with beautiful self containment & sureness of purpose who don't always fuss about what people think.